You're a little early but I'm glad you're here.


Welcome to my site!

You're a little early, but I'm glad you came.

They say that the only certainty in life is uncertainty. Organized Chaos as a part blog, part journal, part mind dump hybrid to help me translate the tangled thoughts in my head into organized forms and thereby unravel the raveled-up bits of who I am⁠—to give shape to my "true self." In the same spirit, I regard this platform as an ongoing creation with the potential to grow and evolve, and welcome you to join in that journey, be you a family member, friend, or a mysterious benevolent spirit. I guess you could say I haven't found the blueprint to Organized Chaos but if you figure it out, let me know.

In less existential words: this site gives me the opportunity to document the people and things I love, the things I've discovered, and [insert noun here]s I've created along the way. I'm happy to share these personal moments and hope you enjoy your stay!

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